Text Message Fraud

Warning if you get a text message from an unknown number, meaning not from one of your contacts, don’t reply or click on the link they are sending you.

For the last two days, I’ve been getting text messages telling me this, “Your account has failed a fraud check and has been deactivated. Please visit https;//blablabla to reactivate your account.”


I don’t fall for this and neither should you. Experts said if you have responded to a text like the ones I’ve received, you need to act fast, by calling first your back and then making a report to law enforcement.

Keep this in mind, your bank will not contact you by text message, email or Facebook message asking you to disclose your personal information.

Research shows that the younger are more likely to fall then the elderly generation for these types of fraud.

Millennials are More Likely to Get Scammed than Boomers

How can you avoid this scam and others like it?

Here is a rule of thumb: DO NOT CLICK on any link in the text or email message. If you know the sender, call and verify the message.

Delete the message and block the email or phone number.

Contact your local authorities.


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